Helix (TV series)

Centers for Disease Control scientists Drs Alan Farragut and Julia Walker, who used to be married, have seen their share of disease outbreaks in their time with the agency. But they have not experienced anything like what they see at high-tech research facility Arctic BioSystems. When the two lead the rapid response team that investigates a possible disease outbreak at Arctic, they enter a life-and-death struggle that has more to it than a standard outbreak. They discover that the lethal threat is just the tip of the iceberg and the truth unravels as the virus evolves. In the end, the battle could hold the key to mankind's salvation ... or total annihilation.

First episode date: January 10, 2014
Original network: Syfy
No. of episodes: 26 (list of episodes)
Network: Sci-Fi Channel

Season 1  

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S01E07  S01E08    S01E09   S01E10   S01E11   S01E12    

Season 2 

S02E01  S02E02   S02E03   S02E04   S02E05   S02E06    
S02E07  S02E08   S02E09   S02E10   S02E11   S02E12    

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