12 Monkeys (TV series)

A man from the post-apocalyptic future, Cole uses a dangerous, untested method of time travel to get from 2043 to the present day. He is on a mission to locate and rid the world of the source of the plague that will eventually annihilate the human race. Assisting him is Dr. Cassandra Railly, a virologist who must decide whether to do harm in order to save the world -- regardless of the fact that she has taken the Hippocratic oath. The sci-fi series is based on Terry Gilliam's 1995 film, which starred Bruce Willis as Cole.

First episode date: January 16, 2015
Network: Sci-Fi Channel
Adapted from: 12 Monkeys
Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery, Drama

 Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

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